Do the brigadeiros need to be refrigerated?

Yes! Our brigadeiros are a fresh specialty. For this reason, we highly reccomend to refrigerate them after receiving and before serving. To enjoy your brigadeiros with a smooth and soft texture, keep them in the fridge and well covered in their boxes.

If you prefer a softer consistency, you have the option of consuming the brigadeiros at room temperature.

For a longer shelf life, the brigadeiros can be frozen at - 18 ° C for up to 4 months.

We recommend consuming the brigadeiros within seven days from the production date.

Do Brigadeiros contain dairy products?

Each of our brigadeiros contain dairy products. People who are severely lactose intolerant should not consume any of our handmade chocolate.

Do Brigadeiros contain nuts?

All of our products may contain traces of nuts or peanuts. People with a nut allergy should not consume any of our products.

Do Brigadeiros contain gluten ?

Brigadeiros are naturally gluten-free. Our kitchen has not been certified as gluten-free. Therefore it may contain traces of gluten and some decorations may contain gluten. People with a severe gluten intolerance should not consume any of our products.

Do you ship brigadeiros ?

Yes! We ship our gift boxes and party boxes by post within Switzerland and Lichtenstein. If you live close to Zürich you can also pick up your order at Churrascaria Boinabrasa in Dielsdorf and we can deliver by arrangement: Please contact us directly.

The Brigadeiros are fresh and delicate products. If they are stored at room temperature for a long time, their consistency will become softer.

Their shape can change easily. We therefore highly reccomend to refrigerate the products after they have been received and before serving them.

As gifts and for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other occasions, we will be happy to deliver the brigadeiros to you upon request.

To clarify our delivery options, please contact us anytime.

Where can I pick up my order or buy Dolcebrigadeiro’s brigadeiros?

You can pick up your order at the Brazilian Churrascaria Boinabrasa at Honeywell-Platz 1 in Dielsdorf. If pick-up is not possible during the opening hours of the restaurant, please inform us in advanced so that we can arrange a preferred time.

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